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Customer care

EVOLIFT knows that when a crane or a construction equipment stops it is necessary to interve immediately to ensure that the construction site goes on with its activities.

With A market that demands more and more attention to the costs, to solve the problem quickly is one of the primary needs of the customer.

With a 24/7 support service, EVOLIFT offers customers the certaintyt of having a partner at its disposal in case of need.

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Head office : Via dell’Artigianato 2 , Z.I.Paludi - 32016 ALPAGO (BL) - ITALIA
Registered office : Via Al Lago, 67 - 32016 ALPAGO (BL) – ITALIA
PI: 01235980255 - CF: 01235980255 - REA: BL - 421612
Tel: +39 334 2399887 - E-mail: info@evolift.it
Capitale sociale interamente versato 10.000€